A personal letter especially for Sir Richard Branson!

Greetings,Mr.Branson. I'm Christo from Lyaskovets, Bulgaria. I'm a writer, but not from those writers, who are mediocre and we have them on every corner as pubs, but from others the vanishing type.

I write you this letter for two reasons:
1. To thank you that we have you there on this earth, that you’ve gained so many things, with which you gave yourself a personal freedom, and because of your respect for every living part of this world.
Sir Richard Branson
2. The second reason is that for me you are a kind informal mentor, but you even do not know that, and because few years ago I’ve red that when you didn’t like the comfort in the airbus, you’ve made your own air company.

Every time I find something, written from you, I read it in the same minute, because I receive a pure wisdom from your words. I am in a strange situation. I am 33, I’ve already wrote 20 books and still keep writing. Some of my books are translated in English and Italian. The reason, for which I write you is, that on the presentation of my book “Christo from Lyaskovets and friends” one very nice person – Mr.Mike Ram, after hearing all that I’ve gone trough to reach this moment, said that I have to write something about it all, and the headline have to be just like the name of your book – “Screw it, Let’s do it!” I always say that I learn from you how to keep on going and not to give away, and in fact I have a dream – to have a chance to drink a coffee with you, to have a chance to talk with you about the sharks in the ocean, about the sand in Sahara, about the palms in Hawaii and about you comfortable jets…. In fact I want to know that it all is possible like the beginning and the end of every new day. If some day you have a chance to come to Lyaskovets, I will meet you heartily and will give you like a present a nice walk trough our forest, to have a nice memory from your being there.

Screw it, Let’s do it!
Some days ago I’ve red a story about you and a woman, who wanted to wear your shoes. I do not want that, I want just to drink a coffee with you and to talk with you. I do not know English at all, but I know the language of the Heart, for which I’ve red in “The Alchemist” of Paulo Coelho.

I do not know what you will do with my letter, but I thank you that I have you in my life. Now with a help of a friend, who translated this letter, I have a chance to send it to you.

I wanna thank God for the chance to present in you brilliant life with this letter ever for a moment.

With all my respect: Christo from Lyaskovets /ico.ice@abv.bg/